The mothers

Documentary, 52 min


I once read - it was about happiness research - that children don't make really happy. Actually, the opposite is the case, couples without children in age between 30 and 40 years are generally happier, or at least are more satisfied than parents. It changes only around 50 when the children are out of the house: The happiness of parents increases significantly compared to couples without children. Is the slogan than “hold on”? It seems that Family, like as a project with 15-20 years, brings true happiness at the end. But 15-20 years, that's a really long time!


Producer: Alexander Riedel
Script / Direction: Bettina Timm
Production Manager: Felix Lang
Assistant Production: Janina Münch
Camera: Philip Vogt, Kaspar Kaven, Alexander Riedel
Assistant Camera: Björn Rothe
Sound: Hannes Ullmann
Editor: Frank Müller
Assistant Editing: Sophie Oldenbourg
Commissioning Editor: Jörg Schneider


Documentary / Germany / 2013

Duration: 52 min
Format: HD / Farbe
Language: german
Production: Pelle Film mit ZDF/Das kleine Fersehspiel