Im Karst

Documentary, 60 min


"On the field, you have all the freedom and independence - but it doesn´t help you! You can not live on the thickness of a blanket. "Beppo and the other elderly are the last farmers, who care about their fields and flocks of sheep just as it was. Over the four seasons, the film crew accompanied the old men with their work in the karst of the Croation islands of Cres and Losinj. Around them, the wild old cultural landscape - nature comes back ...


Script / Direction: Boris Tomschiczek
Camera: Ralph Bätschmann
Editor / Sound: Knut Karger
Line ProducerHFF: Natalie von Lambsdorff
Commissioning Editor BR: Benigna von Keyserlingk
Sound Mix: Gerhard Auer
Translation: Denny Boldin
Music: Ferdinand Zorovic, Gabriela Lekic, Dario Kucic


Documentary / Germany / 2004

Duration: 60 min 
Format: DigiBeta / Farbe 
Language: Kroatisch mit deutschen Untertiteln 
Production: Pelle Film in Ko-Produktion mit HFF München und Bayerischer Rundfunk