Die Grabenmacher vom Donaumoos

Documentary, 43 min


The black soil, the unique light, the infinite acting range and the constant battle with the water connects the Mosler today in a special way with their land. The filmmakers accompany a brigade of grave makers. Painfully they work their way through the miles of ditches in the Donaumoos. Day for day and since for years, they free the channels of weeds, grass and water lilies, dissolve beaver dams and thus ensure the smooth flow of water from the fields. The men are very well-know with the moss. At the snack in the garden fence, stories are exchanged over the moss and her own family history reveals the deep connection of this particular stretch of land with a vital profession.


Script / Direction: Alexander Riedel und Bettina Timm 
Camera: Sorin Dragoi
Sound: Harti Küffner
Editor: Bettina Timm
Commissioning Editor: Bettina Hausler


Documentary / Germany / 2005

Duration: 43 min 
Format: DigiBeta / colour
Language: Deutsch 
Production: Pelle Film für Sonne Mond und Sterne im Auftrag von Bayerischer Rundfunk